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Our executives are digital marketing
leaders, innovators, and visionaries.

Meet The Team

Join our roster of digital all-stars.

Work at Icancam

Our flexible, dynamic, always-learning culture keeps us
happy and motivated.

Own It, Act for the Greater Good, Do the Math, Innovate, and Everyone Is a Client
are the values that define our culture. Read how those came to shape the company
in CEO David Rodnitzky’s culture manifesto.
We strive to be the most inclusive agency in digital; we’re committed to diversity
and merit-based hiring and promotion. Our incredible, ever-growing team is
spread across nine fantastic offices (check our Careers page for job openings!).

These five values drive our work, our culture, and happy Icancam and clients.

We have identified five core values that we see over and over again in our best
team members. Our goal is to have everyone on the team live these values. These
values, in order of importance, are:


The best team members at 3Q act like small business owners — they are proactive
and passionate, have a strong point of view, over-communicate, and don’t take
no for an answer!


We value people who are constantly thinking about what is good for the team
before they think about their self-interest. People who volunteer to mentor
younger teammates, help a team member on a tough assignment, or seek to
build positivity and teamwork throughout the organization are our most prized


We are a client-services business, so it is vital to have team members who are
passionate about service. This not only means service to clients (which is a given),
but service to vendors, teammates, and peers as well.


Our success as a company has been built on a foundation of innovative
processes, like the Lin-Rodnitzky Ratio, Alpha-Beta Process, and Social Pyramid.
To continue to grow, we need to continue to innovate. We value team members
who can drive innovation across the company.


We love data, and we love digging into it. Math and data are the core of what we
do. Team members who can use statistics and information for the betterment of
clients and their peers are highly valued.

We’re more than marketers; we’re committed to
serving our communities through Icancam 3%.

Each Icancam office is committed to fostering positive change in its community. From
San Diego to Burlington, we’re donating 3% of our time to do some good in the
world (stocking food shelves, cleaning up beaches, planting trees, volunteering at
animal shelters, and more).